7 Dresses Tyra Banks Shouldn't Have Worn ...

Dresses Tyra Banks Shouldn’t Have Worn have become legendary in celebrity gossip media, somehow this super model/media diva manages to make these fashion faux-pas on a regular basis. I personally love Tyra Banks despite her super self-involvement and all the egocentric things she does and says, as at heart I believe she really wants to help others. But that being said, from 2000-2008, girlfriend does not seem to know how to dress to go out in public, and there are dozens of pictures of the disastrous dresses Tyra Banks shouldn't have worn to prove it. Well, let's learn our fashion lesson and make sure we do not make the same mistake by wearing something similar to these** 7 Dresses Tyra Banks Shouldn’t Have Worn**!

1. The Purple Dress, the 72nd Oscars

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This is definitely a dress Tyra Banks shouldn't have worn. The one good thing is that she agrees. She's made fun of this dress so many times, it's become a running joke – and good for her. She knows when she makes mistakes, and fully admits them … most of the time, anyway. The sad thing is that, back in 2000 or so, I probably would have clamored for a dress like this. What? I love tulle.

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