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Elton John Surprised by His Royal Invite

By Yusuf

The date for the Royal Wedding is getting closer and everyone with an invite is talking about their plans for the big day. Elton John too, spoke to Barbara Walters on Good Morning America about his take on the wedding and the gala that the British media has made out of it.

"I've only met William and Harry twice," John told Barbara, a little ‘surprised’ by the invite. "But I'm very glad to be invited...and I think she [Diana] would be very happy with his choice. She [Kate] seems like such a great girl and they seem so much in love."

John did not have such kind words to say about the media coverage back home though.

"It starts here. Enjoy it while you can, because...the press are going to give you a bumpy ride," John said, as if talking to William and Kate directly. "They're going to love you, they're going to hate you.

"I just hope they love each other enough to stay away from all that," he added. "You know, if there's one thing in the world that I could get rid of, it's that hatefulness, that whole nastiness that pervades our British media. I'm sorry we have it, but we do, and we have to live with it. It's a great country, but there's one thing about Britain that sucks."

Though of course, his outburst was short lived.

"Yeah, it's a fairy tale thing, and people criticize it and say we're making too much of it," he said. "But it's about love, and in this day and age, anything that's about love and positivity is a welcome relief from what's going on in the world."

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