Fab Photos of Taylor Swift's New Clothing Line ...

Taylor Swift's clothing line has just been released. Unfortunately, for now, it's only available in China. But don't you worry, because it should be arriving here soon. To get excited for it, here are a few of the best looks:

1. Jumbled Letters

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This cute shirt has random letters on it, but they're all letters contained in Taylor's name!

2. Taylor

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If you want to show everyone you're a fan of Swift while looking stylish, then you should wear her name plastered across your chest.

3. Plain Black

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If you're a secret Taylor Swift fan, you should wear this outfit. No one will even realize it's from her clothing line!

4. Shake It off

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If you love this song, then you should let the world know!

5. Loves a Game

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When the weather gets warmer, you should wear this tiny tanktop around the house.

6. Taylor

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How adorable is this outfit?

Taylor Swift is an amazing singer, and she has some amazing clothing coming out, as well! Would you wear any of these clothes?

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