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Many quotes from Lauren Bacall have been featured in the press since her recent death. Miss Bacall wasn't only good at delivering lines; she could also come up with some memorable quotes of her own. Here are some of the most fabulous quotes from Lauren Bacall that you should read …

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Contentment One of the best quotes from Lauren Bacall is this wise message. It points out that you don't need a lot to be happy, but can be perfectly content if you have enough to meet your needs. So much of what we think we need is actually what we want - but it's been shown that having more money does not make you happy. Lauren knew that you only need a few basic things in life.



Talent Miss Bacall certainly didn't hold back on giving her honest opinion - and when you look at the papers and TV schedules it's difficult not to agree with her. Ever person on a reality show is now called a 'star,' in spite of having neither talent nor charisma, and people can make millions for doing very little. In Lauren's heyday, a star was genuinely worthy of the name.


Not Living in the past

Not Living in the past It's easy to feel that life is slipping you by, and that you haven't achieved anything worthwhile. This quote shows that life is a work in progress, and that there is plenty of potential ahead of you. It's a very optimistic and positive viewpoint, and also shows a lot of spirit - this is the kind of woman to emulate.



Aging You have to wonder what many of today's actresses will look like when they reach old age, what with all the surgery they've had. Miss Bacall was brave enough to pose for an honest portrait when she was well into her eighties - you could still see her beauty but she looked her age. How many women would be that bold - and let the world see the result?


Celebrity Couples

Celebrity Couples Cynical, perhaps, but to the point. These days, celebrities appear to treat marriage as a disposable commodity (cue Kim Kardashian and her two-month second marriage). But short-term marriages are nothing new; from the early days of Hollywood there are plenty of examples of celebrity marriages that were over before they began.


Private Life

Private Life How Miss Bacall must have hated today's world, where everything has a price and it's difficult for celebrities to even have a private life. It's discouraging to see how many people court publicity - and how even the ones who don't are papped everywhere they go.


Fighting Spirit

Fighting Spirit I just love the spirit of this woman! With these words, she showed how she was willing to give everything she could in dealing with life's challenges. She's right - you can't win every battle, but if you try, then you have the satisfaction of knowing you did your best. And you have to know when it's time to quit.

Lauren Bacall truly deserved the title 'star,' and it's a sad loss now that she's gone. But at least we have her wonderful movies and these amazing quotes. There's so much about her that makes her an admirable role model for today's women. Do you prefer the stars of the Forties and Fifties to their counterparts of today?

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She is am inspiration to women of all Ages - a beautiful and wise lady

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