Hunk 🤤 Alert 🚨 : 6 Mind-Blowing 💥 Facts 📝 about Aidan Turner ...

Looking for some facts about Aidan Turner? Poldark is already spectacular on the surface – just ask the legions of Aidan Turner admirers out there. But surely there are still some things that every fan might want to know about the hunk.

We listed a bounty of mind-blowing trivia about the actor, from his first major acting stint to his amazing hidden talent. Here are six of the finest quality facts about Aidan Turner for you to enjoy at your leisure.

1. Aidan Worked as a Tradesman

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Turner did not always have his eyes set on being a big screen actor. Before he skyrocketed to fame for landing the lead role in Poldark, he worked as an apprentice electrician to his dad. After school, he would help his father in his hometown of Dublin. I think that's one of the coolest facts about Aidan Turner.

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