2. Balfe as a Victoria’s Secret Angel

Who would have thought that Caitriona once became a Victoria’s Secret Angel? In 2002, the model was cast in Victoria’s Secret runway show alongside legendary stars like Alessandra Ambrosio and Lindsey Frimodt. While we are more used to watching Caitriona looking like a classic and demure woman, the snap certainly shows that she can set the stage on fire.

The road to Angeldom was not as easy a route as she made it look. She said that she needed multiple bronzing sprays to bring her up to the tanned standards of VS. In 2016, she revealed to Conan O’Brien, “I was the whitest girl on stage. I’d gone and gotten a spray tan, and they were like, can you get another one? And then I came back with my second spray tan, and I was still the whitest girl on the stage.”

Photo: za.pinterest.com