8. Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon

This made me so sad. It still does. I wish they’d get back together! I love Ryan Phillippe like crazy, and Reese was the only girl I could stand seeing him with – until he started dating Amanda Seyfried, but even that’s over now. Ryan and Reese were beautiful together, and their split’s famous by virtue of being heartbreaking.

No matter what you think of the celebrity in question, all of these famous Hollywood divorces are sad at heart. It’s always sad when a family gets broken apart, and it seems to happen so often among the stars. You have to wonder what keeps them from holding on to love – or perhaps the crux of many of these famous Hollywood divorces is that so many celebs marry in haste and are left to repent in leisure. Which famous Hollywood divorces shocked you?

Top Photo Credit: LegalAssistance