7 Fashionable Celebrities to Watch in 2012 ...

Fashionable Celebrities are the perfect source of wardrobe inspiration. Whether you’re picking up style tips or just gawking at their expansive designer wardrobes, fashionable celebrities seem to take on a life of their own. Every year there are a few standout stars who are on everybody’s lips. You know the ones - they’re the fashionable celebrities who are the favourites of magazine editors, designer labels, and bloggers alike. The following are just a few fashionable celebrities to watch out for this year.

1. Emma Stone

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Emma was all over the red carpet promoting her films in 2011, and it’ll be no different in 2012. Her style is one that is evolving into that of a fashionable young icon. Be sure to catch her red carpet looks when she hits the campaign trail for her upcoming Spiderman movie.

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