7 Favorite Smoothies of Celebrity Doctors That You Should Try Too ...

Being the intense smoothie fan I am, I found it interesting when I came across some favorite smoothies of celebrity doctors most recently. I figured if some of the biggest money making doctors in Hollywood had a favorite smoothie, it was worth me giving it a shot! Smoothies are a super snappy, simple way to get in tons of nutrition, vitamins and minerals. The key to making a grade A kind of smoothie is the combination of what ingredients you put in. These favorite smoothies of celebrity doctors are just perfect in terms of their nutritional profile, and did I mention they taste like a million bucks too? Check these smokin' smoothies out and get your blenders going!

1. The D0ctors' Guilt-Free Shake Weight Loss Shake

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One of my favorite shows is The Doctors, and when looking for great smoothies of celebrity doctors, I turned to the show’s website first. One of my absolute favorite recipes on the website was The Doctors' famous Guilt-Free shake, which is filled with fiber, protein, antioxidants and even mood-boosting chocolate! Check out this recipe as a great way to start the day or even indulge guilt-free in the afternoons. It's also a pretty pink color, which is perfect for all us girls out there!

¾ cup plain Greek yogurt
1 cup frozen raspberries
Splash of organic raspberry juice

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