7 Guys Who'd Help You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse ...


7 Guys Who'd Help You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse ...
7 Guys Who'd Help You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse ...

If I've learned anything from "The Walking Dead," it's this: A zombie apocalypse makes life really bleak and depressing. However, a hot guy does make excellent eye bleach after looking at all those living corpses. And for some reason, good looking actors tend to do an excellent job when it comes to dealing with zombies. So here's a look at the guys that you'd definitely want to spend the zombie apocalypse with:

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Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus Norman's "The Walking Dead" character, Daryl Dixon, has become a fan favorite, and it's not hard to see why the ladies love him — the ripped redneck might have a hard outer shell, but he's got a gooey, sensitive center. Daryl has one of the best zombie-fighting weapons since his crossbow doesn't make loud noises that attract walkers, and who wouldn't want to sit behind him on his awesome motorcycle? You've also got to love how he's managed to keep up that hipster haircut during the zombie apocalypse. Daryl can cook you up a nice squirrel dinner and craft you a lovely human ear necklace, but Norman Reedus might be even more amazing in real life — he's an animal lover with a black cat named Eye in the Dark. So you'd get an ass-kicking kitty pal to keep you company.


Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Brad Pitt is a loyal family man in real life and in the zombie movie "World War Z." So if you're lucky enough to become a part of his survival group, you'll know that he'll do what it takes to protect you. And if the zombies that take over are the slow-moving kind featured on "The Walking Dead," then they'll be a piece of cake for Brad to deal with. If he can survive a swarm of super-fast zombies, then surely he can take down a few shufflers. Angelina Jolie also seems like she'd be pretty good with a knife, so you'd definitely want her around. She and Brad could go all "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" on the undead (their arsenal of spy weapons would definitely come in handy).


Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult Could you ever fall in love with a zombie? What if he looked like Nicholas Hoult? The British actor's "Warm Bodies" character would be the perfect zombie apocalypse companion because he can think like the brainless undead. This means that he'll teach you how to blend in and avoid becoming zombie chow. Just make sure that you only seek out R if you're single — it would be way weird to fall for the guy who ate your boyfriend's brain.


Will Smith

Will Smith The undead "darkseekers" only come out at night in "I Am Legend." So you and Will could spend your days chillin' out, maxin,' relaxin' all cool, and all shootin some b-ball outside of the school. The Fresh Prince has defeated aliens, robots, and Carlton, so taking on zombies is a piece of cake. However, it would definitely help if Will could get his hands on those ridiculously huge guns from the "Men in Black" movies. You just better hope that the zombie apocalypse isn't the first step towards the planet becoming the way it's portrayed in "After Earth."


Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson If you think you can survive on Twinkies, then this "Zombieland" star might be your perfect apocalypse companion. However, since Woody is a vegan in real life, you might spend your days foraging for leafy greens. But vegans can definitely be bad asses — Tallahassee can teach you creative ways to kill zombies using everyday objects like banjos, baseball bats, and hedge clippers. And when you and Haymitch want to entertain yourselves, you can use zombies and a hunk of meat to create your own version of The Hunger Games. There's also no way that you'd get tired of listening to that sexy Southern drawl.

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Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg This "Shaun of the Dead" star knows exactly what you need during the zombie apocalypse: a good stiff drink. Luckily, he's going to do what it takes to help you drink away your zombie blues by getting you to his favorite bar. Sounds romantic, right? Shaun might not be the best guy when it comes to fighting the undead, but at least he'll make you laugh. You'll just have to be comfortable with the idea of actually referring to zombies as zombies, and you're going to hear the F-word a lot. You'll also have to enjoy nice long walks with the undead pal that Shaun keeps as a pet.


Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion Surely you'll find the answer to how the zombie outbreak started with Castle on the case! It's just a shame that the author doesn't write sci-fi. Okay, so some might argue that Fillion's movie "Slither" isn't a real zombie flick, but I just really want to fill a spot on this list with Fillion. And "Slither" does feature a zombie outbreak of sorts — it's just caused by an alien parasite. Fillion plays a sheriff in the movie, and you should know what that means after watching "The Walking Dead" — he's just the guy to help you survive (sorry that there wasn't enough room for you here, Sheriff Grimes).

Obviously these guys are really just actors, so they might actually become zombie snacks fairly fast if they're ever faced with an outbreak of the undead. Luckily, the likelihood that any of us will ever to have to deal with a zombie apocalypse seems pretty slim, and it's also highly unlikely that you'll run into any of these stars if it does take place. But if you had your choice of one of the guys above, who would you want to spend the zombie apocalypse with?

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What about Liam Neeson! He's always saving everyone

NORMAN REEDUS <3 lol I wanna marry that guy!

Simon Pegg! If I'm facing zombies - I might as well laugh!

Nick Hoult

Half of these guys are in the walking dead

Looks like I'll be at the Winchester having a nice cold pint.

i agree with most of the names on the list. i love norman reedus not just in the walking dead but fun fact for you if you don't read the books his character daryl dixon isnt even in them lol he was made up for the series on tv and im glad he was as hes one of the best characters in my opinion and hes a handsome chap to boot!

Will smith!

Am I the only one left who is an Andrew Lincoln fan? He will make a come back!

Norman is a bad ass love him and Brad too .

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