7 Hunky New Actors We're Beginning to See More of ...

There are so many hunky new actors gracing our screens lately that it’s hard to watch TV without drooling! I probably watch too much TV, but how can I cut back when I would be missing out on seeing all of these hotties?! I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly glad we’ll be seeing more and more of these hunky new actors in upcoming shows and movies!

1. Steven R. McQueen

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Age: 24
Current Show: Vampire Diaries

Steven R. McQueen is one of the hunkiest of hunky new actors! He started off as kind of a skinny, semi-dorky kid at the beginning of Vampire Diaries, but he has certainly grown into a rippling, muscled young man! Thanks to the plot where he becomes a Hunter and a mysterious trail of tattoos starts to appear all over his body, we have been blessed with several shirtless scenes and we’ve been able to see how amazing he looks now! SPOILER ALERT: While his character was killed off earlier this past season, the season finale left potential for him to be back as a full time character. Fingers crossed!

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