7 Incredible Street Style Looks from Emma Watson ...

There are so many fantastic street style looks from Emma Watson. She's become such a fashionista and a major style icon. I love every single one of her red carpet looks and I love that her fashion still translates so nicely in her every day looks. She's definitely one who chooses comfort over style, but even on her most casual days, she looks amazing. Check out some of my favorite street style looks from Emma Watson and then let me know which looks are your favorites.

1. Overalls

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In case you haven't noticed, the overalls trend is SO on right now. I have no doubt that we'll be seeing them all over the place this spring/summer. Honestly though, I think it's such a cute trend and I'm glad it's back! Emma always looks really sleek and pairs her colors really nicely. A classic black and white ensemble can never go wrong. This is just one of many awesome street style looks from Emma Watson.

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