10 Insane Celebrity Fad Diets ...


10 Insane Celebrity Fad Diets ...
10 Insane Celebrity Fad Diets ...

What’s the most striking thing about female celebrities? Any woman is bound to answer “their figure”. True enough. And, in a world that’s obsessed with thin, thinner, thinnest, celebrity diets are generally the source of inspiration for the average women struggling to fit into last year’s pants. However, not all their diets are healthy and sustainable. Some are quite bizarre, in fact. Let’s check out 10 insane celebrity fad diets that help our much loved female divas stay in shape.

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Baby Food Diet

Sounds silly enough without even going into the details. Made popular by the very “baby-ish” looking Reese Witherspoon, the diet asks you to dip into your baby’s bowl, share his not-so-tasty meal, and, in the process, limit daily calorie intake to no more than 600. Not the baby’s, silly, yours!


Grapefruit Oil Diet

Hmmm…this isn’t so much a diet as it is psychotherapy for your liver. According to our very exotic looking JLo, sniffing on grapefruit oil sends some sort of a secret message to your liver which sends it into a super drive and it sets about attacking the fat in your body with a vengeance. Really? Sniffing is all it takes to lose weight? I am going to get my dog to give me some training in this department.


Master Cleanse Diet

For me, this is one of the most insane celebrity fad diets ever. Ever since Beyonce dropped 20 pounds after drinking a concoction of nothing more than lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water, women have been falling over themselves to take great gulps of this wonder drink. Sure, you will lose weight when you aren’t going to have anything but fancy lemonade for two weeks. But I predict you are going to be camping out in your loo with this diet!


Cabbage Soup Diet

Cabbage soup? Yumm...how divine! Sarah Michelle “Buffy” Gellar uses this diet when she needs to drop weight really quickly. Which I am quite sure you will. But, ever stopped and wondered what’s going to happen when you get back to normal food after slurping on cabbage soup for seven days? Give it a thought, will you? This is truly an insane celebrity fad diet!


Eat like a Bird Fad

If you are inspired by Victoria Beckham’s sexy and svelte body, the secret behind it is her bird-like appetite. Her diet consists of lettuce, soya beans, and strawberries. And, there’s also the shake made from algae and seaweed – 2 whole points of this repulsive “drink” every day. I am grossed out already!


Raw Food Diet

Another insane celebrity fad diet is the raw food diet. Demi Moore believes that having raw foods (including raw meat!) helps sheds extra weight and boosts energy. I can still bide by the raw fruits and veggies part of the diet, but raw meat? Yuck! Excuse me while I sit by the WC and puke.


Ice Cube Diet

It seems like there’s no end to insane celebrity fad diets. Take this one, for example. Popularized by the generally plump looking Renee Zellweger, part of the diet deals with snacking on ice cubes to stave off hunger pangs. I didn’t know ice cube fell into the category of food, much less snack. Besides, it doesn’t really seem to have done Ms. Zellweger much good, so...


The Cookie Diet

On the face of it, this diet sounds pretty cool. You can have all the cookies you want, right? Wrong! You replace two meals of the day with two cookies each, thereby reducing your daily intake to less than 800 calories a day. Kim Kardashian swears by this diet. I can’t say she sets a very good example considering the size of her ass.


Juice Diet

Gwyneth Paltrow looks stunning, no doubt, but I still wouldn’t want to survive only on juices. Don’t get me wrong, I like juice a lot but I would go mad with the constant urge to chew on something. Besides, how does one keep up their energy levels by drinking only juice?


Purple Food Diet

Okay, this one shouldn’t really be counted among insane celebrity fad diets because there is some reasoning behind it. Mariah Carey credits it with keeping wrinkles at bay and three times a week, she eats purple colored food, such as beetroots, plums, and grapes. At least she’s eating something; something solid and quite tasty, isn’t she? That’s good enough for me.

I understand that the average woman needs an icon to look up to and that’s why they turn to celebrities and movie stars to fill in as role models. How they dress, wear their hair, walk, talk, bat their eyelids, flex their muscles, and smile are all scrutinized under the glare of the spotlight. But before you plunge into one of the insane celebrity fad diets propagated by them, makes sure you weigh them on the scales of practicality. How do these ones measure up, by the way?

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