Is Joe Rogan the New Oprah for Men?

By Jenny

Is Joe Rogan the New Oprah for Men?

Joe Rogan has millions of listeners. They are mainly male, although not exclusively. He has many skills; including being a fighter, a hunter, a TV host, an actor, and many more. He is also a stand up comedian and extremely popular online.

The Joe Rogan experience begins with Rogan saying: "Hello Freak Bitches". Part of his appeal is that he is interested in lots of points of view and talks casually in layman's terms.

He doesn't really claim to speak as an authority on all things - only about the things he has personally mastered. He talks to figures on the right, the left, and the middle. The funny thing is he seems to get along with everyone. He has interviewed Jimmy Dore, Tulsi Gabbard, Alex Jones, Scott Adams, Elon Musk, Sam Harris, Jack from Twitter - just to name a few. In fact Elon Musk smoked a joint with Joe Rogan upsetting many of his company's shareholders.

What is his show about? He sometimes talks fitness or about celebrities. Politics, diet, free speech, drugs, comedy. Actually nothing is off limits. He has friends who believe in conspiracy theories and he sometimes gives them opportunities to share their thoughts and yet he responds to them with a healthy combination of openness and scepticism. A lot of live Googling goes on during his show and a big part of the appeal of his show are his natural reactions to learning new information and asking interesting questions.

Rogan often says quite mainstream and reasonable things and at the same time he is not middle of the road. He is interested in new ideas and the people who have them. He likes hearing a variety of views and somehow speaks to people in a very approachable way. Sometimes he is a cheeky boy, at others he will defend a point of view. He is masculine and defends masculinity. He also does yoga and is keen to learn new skills often. He is also married with daughters and it seems recording the Joe Rogan experience is his 'mancave' time. He does not really care what people think of him and that self confidence is often attractive.

What makes him so popular? It could well be how much he seems to enjoy what he does. He has a cool studio set up and seems to be able to call on most people for an interview on his podcast at any time. The question is has Joe Rogan become the new Oprah for men?

He has somehow gained the universal attention of millions of men in quite a similar way that Oprah once captured women. Rogan is quite the online influencer of note.

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