January 5- Happy Birthday to ... Bradley Cooper ...


January 5- Happy Birthday to ... Bradley Cooper ...

Bradley Cooper was born on January 5 1975 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
He is among the most successful actors currently working in the movies and his position at number 4 in The Forbes List of the Highest Earning Actors in 2015 is testament to his success. His rugged good looks and piercing blue eyes are certainly no hardship either. And he’s best buds with another hottie, Gerard Butler.

Eagle –eyed viewers would have spotted Bradley’s Cooper’s first TV role – a bit part in Sex and The City in 1999. How far he’s come since then. He’s got a menu of successful TV series – Touching Evil, Jack and Bobby, Kitchen Confidential, Alias, and Nip/Tuck but he’s now most definitely a Hollywood A-Lister.

Let’s see – The A-Team, Limitless, The Hangover, Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, Guardians of the Galaxy and American Sniper are on his roll of honor. And the latest surefire hit to land in cinemas is Joy, where he once again works with Jennifer Lawrence with whom he starred in Silver Linings Playbook. According to IMDB he is currently working on Honeymoon with Harry, alongside Robert De Niro.

To date Bradley Cooper has received four academy award nominations. Time will tell if he will be recognized for an outstanding performance, or if like Leonardo Dicaprio he remains as one of the best actors of his generation to be statueless.
Happy birthday Bradley.
Happy Birthday to you too, if you were born on January 5th. Here’s who else you share your birthday with:
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Juan Carlos I – King of Spain: Born 1938
Hayao Miyazaki – Oscar winning Japanese director: Born 1941
Diane Keaton – Oscar winning actress. Born 1946
Chris Stein – recording artist (Blondie) Born: 1950
Pamela Sue Martin - actress: Born 1953
Vinnie Jones – Welsh soccer player turner Hollywood actor: Born 1965
Carrie Ann Inaba – Dancer and TV show judge: Born 1968
Marilyn Manson – recording artist: Born 1970
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Deepika Padukone – Bollywood actress: Born 1986