Jersey Shore Christmas Ornaments Yes or No Way?


Jersey Shore Christmas Ornaments Yes or No Way?
Jersey Shore Christmas Ornaments Yes or No Way?

If the title hasn't already driven you away, you must be a brave soul or a fan of Jersey Shore (in which case, you're the bravest of us all). In an attempt to commercialize Christmas even more, HSN brings to you...*drum roll*... Jersey Shore Christmas ornaments!

Made by glass ornament company, Kurt S. Adler, you can pick between Snooki, DJ Pauly D and The Situation or you can buy all three for $24.95. The bizarre Jersey Shore ornaments are true to life with The Sitch holding up his tee to reveal his abs, Pauly D in a tank top and huge headphones and last but not least, Snooki in a too-short dress, excessive cleavage and her signature pouf.
The only reason I'd even consider these ornaments is as a Secret Santa present for someone I hate. Miraculously, they have been sold out on the HSN website but if you plan to hang this on your tree, destroy them so mankind wont have to endure them or give it away a a cruel Holiday present, try your local Walgreens. Apparently it's $5.99 per ornament $10 for two or you could try your luck on Ebay.
Just a heads-up, the warning label reads "Children under 14 are not allowed to use the ornaments." PG rated ornaments? That's amusing. So, tell me ladies, would you be willing to make these Jersey Shore characters a part of your Christmas? If you answered no, tell me what celebrity Christmas ornaments would you consider buying?

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Well here's one way to take the sanctity out of ornaments of people who have sex, drink, do drugs and other horrible things to put on a tree that celebrates the hope and joy of Christ coming into the world. Paganism is what you call that.

The ornament accutualy makes smooki look better no offense but she's as tan as a friggin orange

Please, please tell me lots of people didn't buy these ornaments? I tried watching the show for a bit, just to see what all the hub was about. OMG, it's just awful. And they get paid HUGE for doing it. For being drunk and stupid. Wow.

I love to watch Jersey Shore because it is funny but making the cast members as ornaments this is totally tacky. Christmas is something of significance

I'm sorry, but what good does having immature, selfish, and self-centered kids on their christmas tree do for anyone? They are not role models whatsoever and people want to promote them to an even higher social status?! If your going to have Christmas ornaments of ANYONE have them of people who have changed the world for the better, which are not Jersey Shore stars. What is the world coming to?

Oh no, oh no, oh no ... I *know* I'm going to end up decorating my tree with Pauly D and Vinny. It's the closest I'll come to getting their bromance in my stocking. :D

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