Ke$ha Documents Her First Kiss...


Its the season of being naughty and Ke$ha is not being left behind. Photographs of Ke$ha and a lover of hers have hit the net and guess what, no one is excited!

These snaps are far more grotesque as compared to what other stars (read as Lindsay, Miley, Vanessa, etc) have had leaked before. The love-making scenes that have been documented are, to be honest, real turn offs! And hey, I'm a guy saying that!!

The snaps range from her kissing her hairy mystery-man to him relishing her dirty bits. I think she really needs to take a hint from the countless other stars her age who have had their photographs 'leaked' before - more explicit is not necessarily equal to more entertaining!

Any guesses on whom the bottle stops next in the Naked n Dirty Celebrities version of Spin The Bottle!?