46 Killer Jennifer Lopez Looks from 2014 ...

Jennifer Lopez may have left the block in 1991 but more than 20 years later, 2014 was arguably one of her most stellar years. JLo has long been an icon but I think 2014 was when she showed she was an icon with a capital I. If there was ever an example of someone growing younger while growing older, J-Lo has to be it. Can you believe Jennifer Lopez is 45 years old? Her fashion choices of 2014 have featured in more "looks of the day" and "best of red carpets" than many others half her age who have been considered trendsetters in recent times. So what's all the fuss about? Let's explore why the Jennifer Lopez looks rocked 2014.

1. Double Denim, Sep 21, 2014

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Via September 21, 2014

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