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Marriage Does Not Always Equate to Romance...

By Yusuf

For a man who has spent most of his adult life serving the will of lust and desire, it is quite astonishing to hear him speak of love. However, Hugh Hefner seems to have one of the most practical outlooks to the issue of romance.

"I've been married twice and I did not find frankly in marriage the romantic connection I was looking for so I really was not anticipating a marriage again," the 84-year-old Playboy pajama-toting tycoon said while speaking to E! Online. "I'm essentially a romantic, and love is what it's all about, and marriage is not always consistent with romance."

We all know by now that he's willing to give his relationship with Crystal Harris a chance at finding true marital bliss. After proposing to her on Christmas eve, Hef has been quite candid with the media about their engagement.

On being asked about the 60-year age difference between him and Crystal, Hef played it down entirely by saying that age is all in the mind. On what he loves most about his fiancé, Hef had this to say, "Her sense of humor, her character. It's always a happy day. She's a very down-to-earth person."

However, on a more pragmatic note, Hef said, "I expect a prenup will be in the picture". For all the good that he has done for mankind, I'm sure all of us men wish him the very best in his latest matrimonial quest.

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