12 Memorable Quotes from Robin Williams to Celebrate His Genius ...

I found myself immediately looking for quotes from Robin Williams when I heard the news of his death, on August 11th 2014. His passing deeply saddened me as I have been a huge fan of his since his first TV appearances as that crazy alien Mork. To me he was a comedy genius and a master of voices. He graced our TV and movie screens for nearly 40 years and he will be greatly missed. Remember him in his madcap roles, his serious roles and for his voiceovers. Climb on your table, speak loudly, captain, my captain, and pay a little tribute of your own as you read through some quotes from Robin Williams. I will do so with a tear in my eye.

1. On Madness

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This is one of the best quotes from Robin Williams that, to me, gives an insight to him as a man and an actor/comedian. I don’t think he ever lost his little spark of madness. In fact, I think his was more than a spark. Sometimes it burned as a great flame, igniting his comedic muse into delivering funny, erudite and insightful views of life, the world and the universe.

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