8 Messiest Celebrity Scandals of 2012 ...

Where there are celebrities, scandals will follow. It's almost as if one is incomplete without the other. Hollywood is forever brimming with messy celebrity scandals and 2012 was no different. With leaked nude celebrity photos, ugly splits and mysterious deaths, here are the messiest celebrity scandals of 2012.

1. Heidi Klum and Seal Split

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This celebrity scandal of 2012 was not messy per se, but you can't deny that it came as a shock to most of us. Afterall, they seemed to have the perfect, fairy tale marriage with yearly renewals of their vows and all that. The details of the split are still a little sketchy with the couple only saying that after much soul searching, they had grown apart. Oh well, I'm definitely going to miss the extravagant Halloween costumes!

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