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Forget the mud baths and expensive skin care treatments, because that’s way too mainstream and ineffective for our Hollywood stars - they prefer to experiment with some of the most bizarre beauty treatments known to man. No matter what anyone says, each and every one of us cares about our appearance, but some of us just take it to a higher level! Especially when you are followed by cameras every day, the importance of beauty is amplified. Don’t believe me? Take a look at 7 of the most bizarre beauty treatments that celebrities have become obsessed with!

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Blood Skincare

Kim Kardashian is one of the celebrities that takes her beauty seriously and maintains it using some of the most bizarre beauty treatments. It is her moneymaker after all! One of her ultimate secrets to a beautiful and youthful-looking skin is what is known as "vampire facial." What's a vampire facial? It works like this: blood is extracted from a patient and then re-injected into their face to rejuvenate the skin. Kim Kardashian is one brave soul!



While some of us would try to steer clear of leeches, Demi Moore does quite the opposite, and lets them feast on her blood! The actress admits that the leeches detoxify your blood and are the secret behind her healthy looking skin. Demi Moore is already planning to go back to Australia to repeat the treatment.


Snake Venom

If you are tired of searching for a good face cream that erases your wrinkles, follow the advice of Gwyneth Paltrow and purchase a face cream containing snake venom! Snake venom is believed to have anti-aging properties which tighten the skin and prevent wrinkles. The cream has a similar effect as when someone gets bitten by a snake, but is a lot gentler on the skin!


Placenta Facials

Tired of applying harmful chemicals to your skin? So is Jennifer Lopez, who prefers to go more organic and natural with beauty treatments. That’s why she is a firm believer in placenta facials! J-Lo has become addicted to protein and iron-rich extract from human placenta being smeared on her face to stimulate skin regeneration. It doesn't get more natural and organic than this!


Expensive Caviar

Have you ever wondered what Angelina Jolie’s secret to staying looking young and fresh? The answer to your questions is caviar! The actress combats the problem of stretch-marks and visible veins by using a cream made from the eggs of the Baerii sturgeon. The high oil and protein content is believed to be very good for the skin.


Baby Food

Although stars like Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon don’t admit it, they follow a special diet before an important role to shed a few pounds. Rumors have been surfacing that that diet consists of 14 servings of baby food each day followed by a normal meal. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to chew my food!


Ice Water

On the less extreme side, Kate Hudson dips her face in a bowl full of ice with a little bit of water in order to de-puff her face and achieve fresh glow. Her makeup artist recommended sticking her face in as long as she can in the bowl and dab the water off whenever her skin felt tired. Although I would probably keep a heater right by my side, this definitely beats any vampire facial!

When it comes to looking young and fresh, celebrities are definitely not afraid to go all the way. Beauty is pain but there should be a limit to the extremities taken! Which beauty treatment do you find the most appalling? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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I will try the ice bowl thing

Wow. Thats crazy !

This reminds me of that scene of Julia Roberts in mirror mirror. Vanity hurts...beauty doesn't

Well i do the ice thing myself lol it works though! My skin ends up glowing and feeling awake and fresh

I use to do the ice bowl in the 80s when I was 18 I forgot about it now I really need it

The leeches one is so creepy. Imagine finding a leftover one in your clothes one day. That would not be fun lol

Doesn't the vampire facial hurt?!?!

All of them!!!

kardashians are filled with surgerys first butt job thn boob job and now this totally not surprising

Gonna try the ice bowl! Sounds refreshingggg

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