7 Most Popular Celebrity Hair Colors of 2012 ...


Celebrity hair colors 2012 have been everything from hot pink all the way to deep and dark purple haven't they? Celebs this year have been off the wall and I've got to say, this list of the top 7 celebrity hair colors 2012 is all about the wild, crazy and odd colors that the celebs have picked! With that said, let's take a look at the most popular celebrity hair color 2012 choices that our celebs have picked!

1. Bright Pink

Bright Pink

Bright pink, baby pink and hot pink have been all of the rage this year! Everyone of Katy Perry to Lady Gaga has picked up some type of pink hair throughout the end of last year and this year. Personally, I love this celebrity hair color 2012! It's so pretty and I hope it continues!

White Blonde/Black
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