7 Most Recent Celebrity Moms ...

Most Recent Celebrity Moms

From pregnancy announcement to baby bump pictures to maternity styles to post baby bodies to first pictures of their babies, seems like we just can't get enough of celebrity moms and their little bundles of joy. So here I am with the latest happenings in the lives of Hollywood's Most Recent Celebrity Moms...

1. Selma Blair Welcomes Son

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After going past her due date by more than two weeks, the fabulous Selma Blair and boyfriend Jason Bleick have finally welcomed a baby boy, who goes by the name of Arthur Saint Bleick. The name is a little old school but I like it (considering some other celebrity baby names out there). Btw, if there was a contest for best maternity style, Selma would definitely be in the top three. Have you seen some of the dresses she's worn in the recent past? Gorgeous! Here's an example:

Photo Credit: zimbio.com

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