7 Most Stylish Celebrity Moms to Be That We Love ...

These are the most stylish celebrity moms to be that we love! Not only are they famous, and yes rich, but they are stylish. Now you would think they would wear all the highest end clothing they could get, but they actually wear affordable clothing as well. Their recent pregnancy and growing bump aren’t cramping their style at all as they decorate their growing baby bump with the best of the best and the most fashionable threads of the moment. Although the list is endless for these stylish celebrity moms to be, I narrowed it down to 7 (this was so hard!)...

1. Jessica Simpson

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Pregnant with her second child, Jessica Simpson has made the list of stylish celebrity moms to be. She is one of the most fashionable mothers as she is often seen wearing maxi dresses and fabulous prints. Hiding her bump? No way! Jessica flaunts what she has every chance she gets, and always has her best accessory with her - her daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson.

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