7 of Lorde's Best Looks That Aren't Black ...

Believe it or not, some of Lorde's best looks are when she's NOT wearing black! I love seeing her in bright colors because it actually makes her look really youthful. Lorde is gorgeous and as good as black looks on her, colors look even better! Check out some of Lorde's best looks that involved rocking some bright colors. Let me know which look is your favorite!

1. Floral and Lace

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Lorde, is that you?! She's wearing floral AND lace! I love this look on her - it makes her look like the fun teenager that she is. Of course, it wouldn't be Lorde if she didn't "edge" it up a bit. She still wore some moody makeup and (I'm guessing) some platform shoes with her socks rolled up. P.S. how awesome is her hair?! I'm obsessed with her curls. This is just one of Lorde's best looks.

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