7 of Mindy's Best Outfits from the Mindy Project Finale ...

If you’re a fan of The Mindy Project, you probably adored that season finale, but even more, you probably adored the outfits from The Mindy Project finale. If you’ve never seen The Mindy Project, there were a staggering twenty-three outfits from The Mindy Project finale, and they’re all gorgeous, custom-made and designer outfits. What we would give for Mindy Lahiri’s wardrobe! Sure, the episode was good, but twenty-three outfits is an amazing feat that needs to be recognized!

1. The Green Skirt Ensemble

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Mindy’s green skirt look may be one of my favorite outfits from The Mindy Project finale, if not the series, and in true Mindy form, it was custom-made. It’s perfectly dressy while also perfectly casual. She pairs a custom-made sequin green skirt with a simple baseball tee, and she makes it work so well.

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