9 of the Best Celebrity Style Transformations ...

Restricting this list of the best celebrity style transformations to only 9 was pretty difficult. Throughout the years, so many celebs have changed their fashion. Luckily for us, their every outfit has been documented! Take a look at my pick for the best celebrity style transformations.

1. Kristen Stewart

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K-Stew ditched her shredded t-shirts and had one of the best celebrity style transformations. At first, her laid-back looks screamed "Hollywood will never change me!" which was pretty cool. However, I grew kind of tired watching her be this glamorous and extremely talented person on the big screen and a converse-wearing girl on the red carpets. Don’t get me wrong, her edgy looks are perfect for just running errands! But, I’m so glad she’s shelved the sneakers in exchange for stilettos! Sitting front row at all the major fashion shows lately seems to be rubbing off on her everyday looks!

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