9 of the Biggest Triple Threats in Hollywood ...

There are tons of superbly talented people in Tinsletown, but true triple threats in Hollywood are one in a million. To me, a true triple threat is someone who can do so many things so well, that you wouldnโ€™t even know what to identify them with most! Be it singer, actor, model, designer, whatever it is that they do, you canโ€™t just pin them down because they are so darn good at everything! So here are 9 of the biggest triple threats in Hollywood.

1. Jennifer Lopez

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Without a doubt, one of the hottest triple threats in Hollywood is our favourite Jenny from the block. She started out as a dancer and broke her way into films. Often, we forget that J.Lo started off acting before she ventured into the music business. Then she sang so well, and became one of the best-selling female artists in music history. Actress (we all watched The Wedding Planner right?), musician (Dance Again stayed at the top of the chart for weeks), and an incredible dancer, we should also keep in mind she also has her clothing line and her perfumes. Whoosh! Sheโ€™s definitely one of the biggest triple threats in Hollywood.

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