11 of the Cutest Celeb "Throwback" Photos ...

I love seeing celeb throwback photos! It's a good reminder that their life wasn't always glitz and glam. These celebs all participate in the #ThrowbackThursday hashtag and it's so fun to look at all of them! Here's a look at some celeb throwback photos that they've posted on their social media.

1. Bella Thorne

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I'm obsessed with this photo! Bella Thorne was a cutie-pie since her youngin' days. That explains why she was such a successful kid model! The heart-shaped sunglasses and that adorable little boy staring over at her are just too cute. This is definitely one of my favorite celeb throwback photos!

2. Sarah Hyland

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Look at those squeezable cheeks! This photo is too adorable! The floral overalls, crazy painted face, and braided pigtails make this photo worthy of a spot on this list! The Modern Family actress posted this photo on Instagram, which shows her silly side!

3. Lauren Conrad

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Michelle Tanner, anyone?! Seriously, baby Lauren Conrad can pull off being the third Olsen twin! Can you imagine if it had been Lauren in "Full House" instead of Mary-Kate and Ashley? Haha, she is too cute and look at those big blue eyes!

4. Victoria Justice, Avan Jogia & Josh Hutcherson

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This photo is amazing on so many levels. They've each come a LONG way since this photo! Josh Hutcherson was always a cutie but now the Hunger Games actor is quite the stud. Same goes for Avan Jogia! The Twisted actor is so handsome! As for Victoria Justice, I think she looks exactly the same! Haha, she's just stretched out a bit!

5. Harry Styles

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This one is for all you Directioners! How adorable is baby Harry Styles?! Those big eyes and cheeks are just too cute. P.S, he was totally working on his signature hair even at a young age! The other boys of One Direction also post cute throwback photos but this one has to be my favorite. What's not to love?!

6. Nina Dobrev

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The Vampire Diaries actress posted this throwback photo and it is so cute! Looks like she was lost in thought. We all know children go through millions of thoughts per day! Maybe she was day dreaming of becoming a super famous actress?

7. Ashley Benson

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Ashley Benson is TOO cute in this throwback photo! Look at that smile and those dimples! Her style has definitely changed throughout the years though! Now, she'd rather swap the floral dress for some jeans and combat boots. But no matter what she's wearing, she always looks fashionable! Now we know that she's been a fashionista since she was a child!

8. Cody and Ali Simpson

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Cody practically lives in the water! He always talks about competitive swimming and surfing so seeing this photo was so cool! Here's Cody and his sister, Ali, when they were just toddlers! The two could always be found jumping into a swimming pool!

9. Austin Mahone

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Who knew Austin had that heartwarming smile at such a young age?! The singer posted this photo on Instagram and fans were in love with it! How cute is his little outfit? To this day, Austin still rocks those black beanies!

10. Lily Collins

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Lily Collins as a blonde is just too much cuteness to handle! I love that her signature brows were already making an appearance in this photo. Brown locks look gorgeous on Lily, but fingers crossed that she'll go back to her blonde roots in the near future!

11. Vanessa and Stella Hudgens

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Sisters and BFFs Vanessa and Stella Hudgens are always tweeting cute things to each other! Recently, Stella posted this photo and tagged her big sister in it. How adorable are their smiles in it?! The two have grown up to be two beautiful ladies!

Well, there you have it! #ThrowbackThursday is my favorite hashtag on Twitter, especially when celebs participate in it! These are some of my favorite throwback photos they've posted. Which one is yours?

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