9 of the Hottest Actors of 2013 That Will Get Your Heart Racing ...

If Hollywood has been good for something, it’s for supplying us with the hottest actors of 2013. There are definitely more than 9 Hollywood hotties, but these are sure to make you swoon! Check out my picks for the hottest actors of 2013. This’ll make you want to plan a serious movie night with your BFFs!

1. Chris Hemsworth

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Must I really explainwhy he tops the list? Chris Hemsworth might just be the closest thing to heavenfor us, ladies! He bared his buffness recently in Thor: the Dark World, so ifyou haven’t seen it yet, go now! He also showed off his need for speed in thisyear’s Rush. The verdict? Race car drivers are so hot! If you haven’t seen amovie with Chris in it, go check one out. You’ll have no problem agreeing withme as to why he’s number one on the hottest actors of 2013!

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