7 of Tilda Swinton's Best Looks ...

If you are a fan of edgy fashion then you have, no doubt, gazed upon many of Tilda Swinton’s best looks. Tilda is a fantastic actress who manages to look great at nearly every event. Her style is edgy, structured, and modern. The looks are phenomenal and numerous! Below, I give you seven of Tilda Swinton’s best looks.

1. 2012 Golden Globes

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One of Tilda Swinton’s best looks is the ice blue Haider Ackerman ensemble she wore to the 2012 Golden Globes awards ceremony. This gown is my favorite. She looks simply amazing. When she showed up on the red carpet wearing this, the look took my breath away. The color, dodgy collar, neutral shoes, and minimal accessories, wow! The hair is not her usual pompadour that I love, but this wavy version is phenomenal.

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