Olivia Wanted Tron Character to Be Androgynous ...

What is it with celebs and wanting what they can't have? There are the countless teen/young/old/ghostly-old celebs who really don't have any looks to bank on, but try to look sexy. And then there's Olivia Wilde who tried not to look sexy for her latest role (yep, you read right).

Topping the Maxim Hot List in 2009, I believe was all the validation that Wilde needed as far as her sexiness is concerned. She spoke to her director Joseph Kosinski early in the project and insisted that since there were loads of other hot women in Tron: Legacy, they didn't need her to play that card.

"It would have been easier to just let her be the temptress of the Tron world and slink around like a cat," Wilde told E! Online at the press junket for the long-awaited sequel. "I thought it'd be much more interesting if she was sexy despite herself. She's a warrior, so she's very athletic, but she has no desire to seduce."

She also says she realised that her character was very similar to Joan of Arc. "After I discovered the Joan of Arc connection," Wilde continued, "I asked if she could be kind of androgynous. I kept saying, ‘The Sirens are so sexy! You don't need any more really sexy girls! So…maybe she could just look like a boy!'"

We'll just have to wait till December to prove her wrong huh!

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