7 Players to Watch at the World Cup ...

It’s that time when every four years, the greatest footballers gather to show their skills on the global stage, but who are the players to watch at the World Cup 2014? You don’t have to be a massive footie fan to enjoy the thrilling tournament and the drama and theater the games deliver. I will be glued to the television for the duration! Here’s my opinion of who are the players to watch at the World Cup.

1. Lionel Messi – Argentina

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You couldn’t leave the world’s number one player off the list of players to watch at the World Cup. Although Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo took the Ballon d’Or for 2014, Messi had his grip on the accolade for the previous 4 years – a remarkable achievement. To date, the Argentine captain has not produced the same mesmerizing form for his national team as he does week in and week out for FC Barcelona, but I have a feeling Brazil 2014 is going to be his stage. I go out on a limb and predict magic from Messi.

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