Prince William Decides on the Wedding Cake…


With the most gala wedding event in our lifetimes just over a month away, it looks like all the small details are falling into place. Prince William has decided on what sweet he’d like to treat his guests with at the royal union in April.

While the traditional multi-tiered wedding cake will be made by Fiona Cairns Bakers, Prince William has asked McVitie’s a British biscuit company to create his favourite dessert – a chocolate biscuit cake in addition to that.

McVitie's has been asked to make the biscuit cake for the reception, as well as a few hundred slices for the buffet.

Paul Courtney, the firm's cake design and development head chef said, “It has a couple of secret ingredients we can't tell you about but it will have dark chocolate, to give it a really nice flavor, and use rich tea biscuits that will be broken up.”

I can totally imagine it to be as yumm as it sounds fancy! Anyone want to sneak out a slice for me?

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