7 Quotes by Hilary Duff That Teach Great Life Lessons ...

From her role as Lizzie McGuire to her new role as a mom, there are so many quotes by Hilary Duff that teach us great life lessons! Hilary is by far one of my favorite role models and through these quotes by Hilary Duff, it is evident that she has remained true to herself and true to her words.

1. Choose Not to Be Scandalous

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This is one of the most impacting quotes by Hilary Duff that truly resonated in my heart. I admire celebrities who choose to live a life contrary to the “norm” in our society by not going with the crowd of partygoers and constant rages. Sure, it’s great to have fun and go out with friends, but as Hilary says, it’s embarrassing to show off a scandalous side. It’s also like what Katy Perry said, that everyone has a “sexy” card but it doesn’t always have to be played. A great life lesson is to enjoy life and all of its “normalcy,” because in the end it will save you from a lot of heartache, pain, and regret in the future.

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