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As a longtime listener of his show, I have an endless number of reasons to love Howard Stern. Because his comedy is often misunderstood, Howard rarely receives the credit he deserves for revolutionizing radio entertainment. If you’re not a fan, take a look at some of my reasons to love Howard Stern. You might just decide to tune in and give him a listen.

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Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

Howard has a knack for uncovering the extraordinary details of an otherwise ordinary person’s life. Thanks to Howard, everyday people have become overnight celebrities. The decision to shine the spotlight on these “ordinary Joes” is one of my favorite reasons to love Howard Stern. Other radio and TV hosts now imitate this approach to comedy. In my opinion, no one pulls it off quite like Howard.



One of Howard's endearing qualities is his willingness to be vulnerable. Listeners often have a good laugh at Howard’s expense because of the downright embarrassing personal details he shares on the air. We feel like we know Howard because of his personal stories. This vulnerability reels us in because it keeps him relatable. Sometimes the funniest moments happen when he is sharing vulnerable stories about himself.


Keep It Real

Howard keeps it real. By this, I mean that he allows tempers to flare, emotions to unravel and natural reactions to unfold on the air. He shares his honest thoughts and opinions, and expects others to do the same. Howard has no patience for phoniness. He is a trailblazer of honest radio because real emotions create great moments for the listeners.


Work Ethic

Howard has an incredibly strong work ethic. Even on 9/11 and the days that followed, Howard was on the air from his studio in NYC. Financially, Howard probably doesn’t have to work. He could have retired years ago. Instead, Howard continues to show up three days a week to create great shows which keeps us entertained and his staff employed.


Tough Questions

Howard never fails to ask the questions that others are afraid to ask. His skill is truly unique because he puts guests at ease, as if they are sitting together at a bar and talking over drinks. Howard expertly creates a comfortable rapport with on-air guests. When the time is right, he knows how to introduce the tough questions into the conversation. Many of his interviews are legendary.


Wack Pack

There is a group of misfit fans known as Howard’s “Wack Pack.” Critics claim that Howard exploits his Wack Packers because most of them have physical or developmental disabilities. I believe that Howard has a great deal of compassion for them. Not only do Wack Packers get their 10 minutes of fame, they also belong to an exclusive club that celebrates their various disabilities. Howard has empowered them to be proud of their differences, rather than hide them in shame.



Howard has no problem allowing us to laugh when he falls short. His self-deprecating humor puts guests at ease and reminds us that he knows he’s not perfect. In this vein of humor, Howard created his self-proclaimed title, The King of All Media. Critics misunderstand the origin of this title. It was originally used in a tongue-in-cheek way before the name permanently stuck.

It seems that most people either love him or hate him. Do you listen to Howard Stern? Why or why not?

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He is so rude!

are you kidding me? the guy is an ass! you can keep it real without having to bring others down!

I love him.. always have

Howard like many other comedians push the envelope of inappropriate sometimes that's why it's wonderful that we have the freedom to not listen. Back when he was on the regular radio station and I was in college I would listen as I drove and laugh until I cried anything I deemed inappropriate I would turn him off.

He actually has a BIG heart!! He's a legend. I loVe Howard. (((❤️)))

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