7 Reasons to Love Miley Cyrus ...

I know you are thinking I am crazy and are asking why would I even consider writing about reasons to love Miley Cyrus? She is disaster personified! I can just hear everyone, including my other self, saying this. Twerking was an act that she popularized that no parent in their sane mind would want to see their female child imitate. So why list reasons to love Miley Cyrus at all? Kindly find my reasons below:

1. Backyard Sessions

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It's Miley in a black skirt and lace top covering some of her favorite songs. On Youtube, you can check out her own rendition of Jolene, Look What They've Done To My Song, and Lilac Wine. Listening to that distinct sound shows real talent. If you ever need to find reasons to love Miley Cyrus after all the crazy things she has done, check out the Backyard Sessions.

2. Vocal Range

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Love her or hate her, you have to admit that there is something personal in the voice that sealed that Miley Cyrus sound. She may not have the best voice in the music industry but she has musicality. She knows her vocal range and doesn't go way out of it. She puts an intelligent spin to the way she uses her vocal chords. Let's just hope she gets rid of "bad stuff" that will negatively affect her voice box.

3. Hannah Montana

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Because I just came from an eight-day trip in Montana! The "Big Sky Country" as it is called is beautiful; I didn't want to leave. As Hannah Montana, Miley was a sweet and endearing lass. Whatever happened to her, you may ask? Heartbreak? Rebellion? Childhood angst? Those of us who saw her as Hannah Montana can't forget the smile.

4. The Climb

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It's not "Party in the USA" that made me like her; it's "The Climb". Miley has this talent of pouring her heart in a song and this one just spoke to me, reminding myself that it's the journey, not the destination. Sure she was a wreck in "Wrecking Ball" but you've got to credit her for The Climb as her signature inspirational song.

5. Homelessness Advocacy

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Bringing that young man, Jesse Helt, to the MTV Music Video Awards to talk about his experience sounded like a gimmick at first. But if she is successful in raising awareness and raising funds about the state of homeless youth in the country, then she is on her way to becoming a genuine advocate of a worthy cause. A big leap from being a mad, twerking queen.

6. Unlikely Trigger for Personal and Social Reflection

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She is a risk-taker; she may have become the subject of the biggest fashion blunder in history and she doesn't seem to care the slightest bit about what other people may say. I am not saying it was good to wear a teddy bear costume and distort our versions of huggable teddies from our childhood by gyrating in front of millions. But from that social disaster and the criticisms it generated, I am guessing parents now know who is Miley Cyrus and are telling their kids what a lady should be NOT.

7. Social Media Genius

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She definitely knows how to use social media to express herself or make her crazy acts go viral. Her Instagram page is a testament to it. Her twerking video on Youtube generated millions of hits even from viewers who hate her.

Admit it or not, Miley Cyrus looks like she will be gracing the idiot box and the Internet for a pretty long time. Parents, brace yourselves for more. Do you love or hate Miley Cyrus? Share your thoughts!

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