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7 Reasons Why Celebrities Shouldn't Tweet ...

By Alison

I must confess to being baffled by the popularity of Twitter. This is probably partly because I’d have trouble restricting myself to a maximum of 140 characters, but also because when I have looked at Twitter, I find many posts difficult to decipher. Still, it seems to be very popular, especially among famous people. However, there are good reasons why celebrities shouldn’t tweet …

1 Regret

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One major reason why celebrities shouldn’t tweet is that in this gossip- and celebrity-obsessed world, a lot of people will follow what they say. So if they say something they regret saying, it’s a bit late (see point 6). As we all know, it’s all too easy to write an email in anger, and wish you hadn’t done so the minute you hit ‘send,’ and the same goes for Twitter.

2 Incoherent

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It’s hard enough to make sense of tweets without having to decipher pompous celebrity ramblings as well. Such a short capacity means that they have to share their sometimes less than interesting thoughts in a truncated form, and you can’t work out what they’re getting at. The randomness of many tweets makes it even more confusing.


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3 Fake Profiles

Fake profiles are not exactly unknown on Twitter, and this is a real risk for celebrities. If they never use Twitter, then they can indicate that fact and that therefore the account is fake. Then it can be closed down.

4 Nothing to Say

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Another reason celebrities shouldn’t tweet is simply because they have nothing worth saying in any format. Do we really care what Paris Hilton’s pooch did, or what Kim Kardashian had for breakfast? The truly interesting celebrities need a more lengthy format to tell us something we want to hear.

5 Wind up

On the internet, everyone’s a critic, and since they have a means of expressing their thoughts, they’re going to use it. So celebrities beware. No longer is criticism restricted to a bad review, if you use Twitter you are practically inviting non-fans to tell you to your face what they think of you.

6 People Remember

If you tweet something that you later wish you hadn’t, of course you can take it down. The trouble is that people will already have seen it, and remember what you’ve said. It will also be passed round if you are a celebrity, as news travels fast these days. So celebs, stay away from Twitter. Silence is golden.

7 A Right Charlie

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Charlie Sheen. On his own he provides enough reasons why celebrities shouldn’t tweet. Admittedly, most don’t come out with the bizarre and incoherent ramblings that Mr Sheen tweets, but since many celebrities are closely acquainted with intoxicating substances, they should take him as a stark warning of what drivel they might come out with if they overindulge one day.

These are just some of the reasons why celebrities shouldn't tweet. There must be readers who follow celebrities on Twitter. Tell us who and why you follow them – is it just out of curiosity, and are there any celebrities that you agree should NOT tweet?

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