7 Reasons Why Celebrities Shouldn't Tweet ...

I must confess to being baffled by the popularity of Twitter. This is probably partly because Iโ€™d have trouble restricting myself to a maximum of 140 characters, but also because when I have looked at Twitter, I find many posts difficult to decipher. Still, it seems to be very popular, especially among famous people. However, there are good reasons why celebrities shouldnโ€™t tweet โ€ฆ

1. Regret

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One major reason why celebrities shouldnโ€™t tweet is that in this gossip- and celebrity-obsessed world, a lot of people will follow what they say. So if they say something they regret saying, itโ€™s a bit late (see point 6). As we all know, itโ€™s all too easy to write an email in anger, and wish you hadnโ€™t done so the minute you hit โ€˜send,โ€™ and the same goes for Twitter.

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