9 Reasons Why Emma Watson is Awesome ...

When compiling a list of why Emma Watson is awesome, you have to extend a little past Harry Potter; despite the fact that her playing Hermione will always be part of that list! There are so many reasons this Paris-born starlet is an amazing (more on that Paris bit later). Since our favourite Brit’s career seems to be pushing full speed ahead, here are 9 reasons why Emma Watson is awesome.

1. Harry Potter, Duh

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Above all else, one of the main reasons why Emma Watson is awesome is because of Harry Potter. Even more awesome is the fact that she’s fully aware and completely appreciative of this fact. Playing Hermione Granger has helped Emma find her sense of self, and instilled in her all the things we love about one of our favourite fictional characters ever. Harry Potter defined a generation, and we’ll never get sick of it. Emma is just like us, because she loves it too!

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