7 Sexiest Athletes of 2011 ...

The sexiest athletes of 2011 are taut, lithe, muscled, tanned, and ready to kick some serious butts in their respective fields. They're pretty, they're handsome, and they're the quintessential best at what they do. But who are they? They span the world of sports and athletics, from solo sports to team play. They get dirty, they get sweaty, and they look good while they're doing it. Want to know about the sexiest athletes of 2011? Then just keep reading!

1. Johnny Weir

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Although figure skater Johnny Weir has put off professionally competing again this year, he is still skating at exhibitions and charity events. He's been my favorite skater for years, and although I have a feeling that he may never find his way back to competitive skating, the flamboyant, lithe, green eyed, ridiculously pretty figure skater is still one of the sexiest athletes of 2011!

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