8 Sexiest Badass Celebrity Hair Styles ...

Celebrity Hair Styles run the gamut from elegant to ordinary to downright crazy sexy. I love it when a celebrity is bold enough to buck convention and choose a hairstyle that, while out of the ordinary, is sexy partly because it's so unique. There are tons of crazy celebrity hair styles out there, but I've chosen the ones that really inspire. Love them or hate them, there's no way you can deny their originality. With that being said, check out the sexiest badass celebrity hair styles I could find!

1. Lady Gaga's Aqua 'do

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Lady Gaga has had some of the most incredible celebrity hair styles you'll ever find, and any one of them could have gone on this list. However, it's her recent foray into aqua town that really got people talking. It was very … mermaid-esque, don't you think? And I really don't believe that was a coincidence.

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