7 Sexiest Supervillains ...

By Ashley

7 Sexiest Supervillains ...

Every girl loves a bad boy, but there’s something about these sexiest supervillains that just send a tingle down my spine. Okay, yes, they may be trying to take over the world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate how aesthetically pleasing they are! Check out this list of sexiest supervillains and see if you agree with me.

Table of contents:

  1. loki
  2. bane
  3. the joker
  4. magneto
  5. catwoman
  6. adrian veidt
  7. moriarty

1 Loki

Loki is my top pick for the sexiest supervillains after his appearance in The Avengers. He’s played by Tom Hiddleston, who is himself absolutely and ridiculously gorgeous. So, add tons of leather and some fantastic hair and you get, well… sex-incarnate in the form of Loki. He may not have succeeded in becoming king of earth, but Loki definitely won over the fangirls’ hearts. If the Avengers won’t kneel for you, Loki, your fangirls will.

2 Bane

Bane, played by Tom Hardy, was a different kind of sexy for me. I mean, there’s the fact that he had muscles on his muscles, which was nice to look at. But Bane is also a different kind of villain. He was really calm throughout the whole movie, so to me it came off as almost like a quiet but dangerous kind of feeling. The voice was a turn off, but it can be ignored!

3 The Joker

More Batman villains, but he’s a sexy one too! In a weird way. Heath Ledger was the perfect Joker, and while Heath was a very attractive man, the way he played Joker was oddly endearing. Yes, he was a homicidal maniac, but I just thought he was so quirky that I found myself walking out of the theatre with a huge crush on the Joker.

4 Magneto

I’m talking about Michael Fassbender in the recent X-Men: Origins movie. Lord Almighty, Michael Fassbender is sexy. And getting to see him play the early incarnation of Magneto was a real treat. Especially when him and Mystique were getting a little intimate with each other. All I could think was, "I’ll paint myself blue if it means Magneto will fall in love with me!"

5 Catwoman

I admit that I have the biggest lady-crush on Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman. She looked slammin’ in that cat-suit, and was clever enough to go head to head with Batman. She was a woman who knew what she wanted and how to get it. Meow, indeed.

6 Adrian Veidt

I don’t know if anyone remembers the movie The Watchmen that came out in 2009, but in it was a supervillain I think is extremely sexy. Adrian, played by Matthew Goode, isn’t a hunk or anything, but for some reason I just found him really attractive. Maybe it was the German accent.

7 Moriarty

Okay, so technically Moriarty isn’t a supervillain, but I think he is. Sherlock Holmes has become this huge figure in popculture, and he’s something of a human superhero. His superpower is his incredible intellect and skill for deduction. Well, every hero needs a villain, and Moriarty is just that. In the BBC show, he’s played by Andrew Scott, and Scott’s Moriarty is a well dressed idiosyncratic psychopath. As bad as it is, I’m in love with Moriarty.

Do you see what I mean about bad boys? What do you think of these supervillains? Are they your cup of tea, or would you rather have seen someone else on this list?

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