8 Shocking Celeb Stories from 2012 ...


I have complied 8 of my most shocking celeb stories from 2012. Having said that, it was not an easy choice, with so many stupid decisions, bogus weddings and cheating scandals to hit the headlines last year. Celebrities really gave the magazines something to write about over the past 12 months. But without further ado, I give you the most shocking celeb stories of 2012:

1. Chris Brown and Drake's Bar Brawl

Very immature I'd say, but in June, singers Chris Brown and Drake made headlines in a different fashion, by an all-out bar brawl. Set in a New York nightclub, apparently the two were fighting over a woman... you guessed it, Rihanna. Since the fight broke out, Brown sent out a tweet with pictures of the injuries, but more importantly released a song that disses Drake. Although not smart, this was no doubt one of my shocking celeb stories of 2012.

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