29 Photos of Spike TV's "Guy's Choice" ...


Check out photos from Spike TV's 4th Annual "Guy's Choice". Sony Pictures Studios, Culver City, CA. June 4, 2010.

City: Los Angeles

Fedora hat et all, Adrien Brody looked quite dapper.

Pretty boy Bradley Copper and his A-Team guys were present too although with him around, who's looking at anyone else?

Brooklyn Decker's dress looks a little too "bedroomy" for my liking. Love the earrings though!

Courtney Hansen wore a LBD to the event. I know what you're thinking,"Who is she?". I don't know either.

Marisa Miller looked fabulous in a LWD. God I'd love to have legs like hers!

Looks like Kelly's still sporting grey hair. *no comments*

Congratulations to all the winners. I wonder though with so many different award shows, do the winners even care anymore?

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