17 Stunning Celebrity Black & White Photos ...

When I decided to do an article featuring celebrity black & white photos, I purposely didn’t look for any specific stars. I wanted an element of surprise and I was thrilled to find these wonderful images. When I was all done, I realized I had only one man on this list, but that’s alright, because he was quite special. Honestly though, if the cat wasn’t present, he wouldn’t have made the list! As you look through these celebrity black & white photos, I hope many of them make you smile and even surprise you in a good way.

1. Rihanna

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I absolutely love this girl’s voice and her music. I’m obviously not alone in thinking that, since Rihanna shares the number one spot along with Katy Perry, as the artist with most best-selling singles, at nine. Here she looks devastatingly beautiful and deserves the number one spot among celebrity black & white photos.

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