7 Surprising Celebrities You Didn't Know Changed Their Names ...

When it comes to fame, image and reputation are everything, which is why there are plenty of famous celebrities you didn’t know changed their names. While some slightly altered the name they were born with, others completely transformed it into something else. The initiative often comes from the actors themselves, who want a simpler and shorter name that others will remember, but others just do it because they have the exact same name as another person in the business and that as a rule is not allowed. Here are 7 of your favorite celebrities you didn’t know changed their names.

1. Miley Cyrus

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One of the celebrities you didn’t know changed their names is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Miley Ray Cyrus. The famous Disney star that recently broke out of her shell was actually born with the name of Destiny Hope Cyrus. When she was young, she was given the nickname of “Smiley” and later people began to call her Miley to reflect her personality. Around 2008, she decided to make the name change permanent and additionally adopted Ray as her middle name to honor her father, Billy Ray Cyrus.

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