8 Surprisingly Good Books by Celebrities ...

Surprisingly Good Books by Celebrities are admittedly hard to come by. After all, whether you're an avid reader or someone who only picks up a book every now and then, I know you know the stereotype: celebrities can't write! That's true for a lot of them, even the ones who rely on ghostwriters. Something about the stories and books they come up with are just bad. They're not entertaining, maybe, or they're badly written – or, worse, both. However, there are exceptions to every rule – and here are several exceptions, in the form of several surprisingly good books by celebrities. In fact, wouldn't that be a great title for a directory, "**Surprisingly Good Books by Celebrities**," by Lyndsie... I like it!

1. Welcome to My World, by Johnny Weir

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There are a lot of surprisingly good books by celebrities, but it's really a matter of taste. Many critics have talked a lot of snark, for instance, about Johnny Weir's memoir, but it's quickly become one of my favorite books. I find Johnny immensely talented at pretty much anything he tries to do, and I immediately added “writing” to that list the second I cracked open his book. It's not even so much about the stories (and the confessions), although it's great to get a peek into the inner workings of his life. More, the tone and the flair are really excellent. The boy could be an author if he gets tired of both figure skating and fashion!