Taylor Lautner's Future is in a Prison...


Taylor Lautner's future does not look like what most parents would dream of. The young Twilight star will be looking at a stint in a prison society.

Don't worry though, he does a plan to escape from the prison with the help of the warden's daughter.

Still confused? As Deadline.com reports, the 18-year-old star has signed on for the film adaptation of Catherine Fisher's young adult novel Incarceron

In the movie, Taylor plays the character of Finn, who has been in a futuristic prison society all his life. He happens to meet the warden's daughter, who too has been trapped in prison and the two formulate a plan of escape for Finn.

The young Mr. Lautner is turning out to be quite the authors' favorite. Taylor, who is currently shooting the two Breaking Dawn flicks, may also coproduce this project.

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